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7/27/22 update: I've been SOOOO sick with covid... over my birthday too... not fair 😗. anyway. i'm on the mend and hopefully gonna be working here more now i have a month off of school!! oh! also. i bought myself a lavender 2ds LL for my birthday and I really love it so far! it's been helping me get through The Sickness +_+

7/12/2022 edit: added a cursor trail that actually works!

7/10/2022 edit: sheesh i've been busy lately! but luckily i've still had some time to work on this.. as you can probably tell, i changed the font! there's some strange issues with bold text using it, but i think i found a workaround. i'm writing this at 3:45pm, but i'm still gonna add some more blinkies and gifs later today, so go take a look at that in a couple hours! bye for now~!

6/3/2022-7/3/2022: revamping and moving a LOT of stuff around! including moving this update log to the homepage! i keep forgetting to write what i'm doing here so... let's call it one big "revamp" even though i'm still working on it. >﹏<

6/2/2022 edit: changed a lot of stuff! i learned more about html, so i made some things less... well. less messy.

4/10/2022 edit: added my kofi link to about!

3/26/2022 edit: Been messing around and tweaking some things, nothing major though.

3/4/2022 edit: got a media player up & added some more gifs i like! i haven't had much free time lately... Lots of school stuff. college sucks. :|

2/28/2022 edit: still a bit rough on mobile, but maybe i'll figure out how to fix that someday! i need to get back to schoolwork now.

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