Hi! My name's Pidge and I'm a writer, artist, and .
I do all sorts of stuff on the interwebs, but mostly I just hang out with my friends.

Some other facts about me:
🫧🌈 / 🧊🌈
ms paint drawing of a little guy looking at the viewer
i'm from the distant year of 2003
my pronouns are he/him
my zodiac sign is cancer
my favorite candy flavor is peach
i have a cat and a dog
i have a financially irresponsible penchant for collecting cute things
i encourage piracy!! yarr! 🦜
i have a lot of favorite animals, but as of late, seals are number one 🦭
you can buy things from me ^_^

here's my button if you want to link to me! just download it and put it on your site ^_^